About Us

After being uprooted from Afghanistan during the Soviet war in 1984, the Ahmadi family arrived in Los Angeles with a goal and commitment to keep tradition alive. After establishing their first business, Amadi Carpets, the inspiration for true craftsmanship and detail continued to flourish. In 1997, the Ahmadi’s expanded their enterprise and created a sanctuary on Melrose for the cigar lifestyle, The V Cut Cigar Lounge.

An important part of the Ahmadi tradition is bringing people with different stories together.  The V Cut quickly gained attraction from the community and has become a recognizable lounge for cigar smokers around the world. Each hand-rolled cigar has a story and a journey.  The environment at The V Cut consistently brings together an eclectic group of people who share their own unique stories.

Seven years later, The Ahmadi’s opened V Cafe on the same block. Contributing to the atmosphere of The V Cut; V Cafe has become its own hub for multicultural food enthusiasts. Each unique dish is prepared with precision and care which is what makes V Cafe’s versatile menu stand out.

Over the years, the Ahmadi family has worked hard to share their love and appreciation for unity, tradition, and a deeper meaning in quality handmade products. Due to the love and embrace of the community, the Ahmadi’s have created an environment and lifestyle that graciously welcomes anyone into the family.

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